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Medical Tourism

Our experience in this field allows us to position your instituion among the most requested and, most importantly, as one that offers the highest quality of care for patients seeking only the best in their time of need. 

Medical & Executive Education

A health institution must accompany their daily management with a program of continuing education that allows their team to be up to date with the latest practices both medical and administrative. We are able to help with formal education symposiums, conferences, speaking engagements as well as online courses.

Health Management

Organizational development, improving effectiveness of a health institution; protocols, standards, patient experience, quality and patient safety. We can help take your institution to the next level and increase the market share in your specific region.

Health Projects

From planning, to building a facility, to providing health services. 

Our relationships and experience places us at the top of this field as a source of reference and guidance throughout. With our expertise, we can guide you to successful and profitable endeavors.

Second Medical Opinion

Not only do we know great health institutions all over the world but we have the best relationships with the most requested specialists from different fields to provide you with a second opinion when the case warrants. We have established a panel of consultants in many regions with large experience in their respective specialties to better serve you.

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Telemedicine is possible using a platform created to offer integrated medical services to patients or physicians remotely located. It can also be used for the planning and training of human resources and other medical education endeavors. We offer guidance on the hardware and software components that bring state-of-the-art technology with diagnostic capacity all within HIPAA regulations. We at HSA can help you navigate your way to the world of Telemedicine.

Referral Services

Are you in need of a specialist? Last minute appointment?

With our vast connections in this industry, we can help expedite any appointment and provide you with the complete VIP treatment that you deserve.


Medical Equipment Procurement

We consult in the procurement of medical equipment (new and refurbished) for any medical institution in need. With our vast network of distributors, manufacturers, and providers we can guide you to the right investment for your organization.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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